Friday, June 28, 2013

Everything 8 & The Vets

Being a breeder is a real commitment.  This mornings commitment began before 6:00 am with me when I got up to have a coffee before I began taking out our 4 adults for their morning out and about.  The weather was not very kind this morning as there had been torrents of raining coming out of the skies.

The Everything 8 puppies were going for their very first Vet visit at 9 am.  I put them out in the outside kennel run hoping they would do their business before I loaded them up in the Van to head out at 7:30 am.  

Needless to say, despite the puppies having a bath Thursday, they had another bath with the rain and were wet to the skin after only 15 minutes.  I  loaded them up and was drenched myself before my day really got going.  I got myself changed and headed out to pick up my helper on the way.  Of course we first stopped to get ourselves a beverage before heading on down the Highway for an hour drive to our Vets.

The last Everything 8 Group photo.  We arrived at the vets 10 minutes before our appointment.  What a mess those puppies were by the time we had arrived there.  They were not only wet, they had messed themselves from both ends .... we were a pretty sad looking bunch when we walked into the Vets ... or shall I say a very smelly bunch.  Thank goodness I had packed a few towels as well as paper towels.

First up was Jorga, the little red merle female.  She was very good, and much relieved when her turn was over.  Or was that maybe more relaxed once it was over.

Ahhhh ... this is our littlest guy.  He was giving Shea-lyn the `please save me look` .  He was really good though once he was placed in the Vet`s and her helper`s hands.

The red bi, who we we call `Spunky``.  What a spunk this boy is, but a good spunk.

Next was little girl, Trixie.  She is quite the girl, but are not most girls I am thinking.

Not one peep or move out of these guys.  Not even from the one  `Not Called Marvin``.

Our no name Black & White boy absolutely put the flirt on as you can see by these photos.

Last but not least, here is Oliver.  Oliver weighed in at a whopping 9.5 lbs.  He really is a roly poly boy, he is so.

Once we had stopped in Southampton to fill up with gas, I dropped my helper, Shea-lyn off at her home ... and you can see the pup ``not called Marvin` is now her and her family`s new puppy.  He has settled right in ... after another bath of course.
This breeder is one tired girl after this day.  Will be further updating as the Forever Homes start picking up their picks of the Everything 8 Litter.

Cindy, Owner & Breeder of The Checkerboard Aussies.



    1. Really we LOVE our Vet & it is worth the drive. We have been going to them for 4 years now. They also do not charge us a small fortune in vet fees compared to what we have been quoted by the closer to us vets.

  2. That would be a very long day for you!