Monday, December 30, 2013

Peanut Butter With My Toast Please ?

Somebody's human dad could not finish their toast and peanut butter this morning, making somebody else pretty happy about that.

Just a little bit sticky to the roof of my mouth maybe, but oh so good !

We were updating our Facebook Page this morning when we had something brought to our attention by one of our Aussie friends, and boy oh boy ain't it the truth ????

I really don't know when people are going to figure it out, do you?

Another "tip" when buying us toys from a Pet Store, as they are not always safe either so keep a close watch at times:

SHOUT OUT ! Rob had bought a Hear Doggy Toy for Bandit. Within an hour of him having it I heard a "clink" on the floor to find the one piece of plastic with a small screw in it. I grabbed it up. We then inspected the toy again before giving it back to him... not long after two more pieces of plastic were gotten from it by him. I have made a call into the Quaker Pet Company, also sending them off an email including photos. Hopefully I will get a response from them. Good thing it wasn't a puppy, or they would have eaten the plastic bits up along with the screw without a thought. So buying authentic "safe" for dogs toys doesn't always mean they are the best either at $12.00 a shot.

I would rather buy our dogs a stuffed animal from a Second Hand Store and take the stuffing from them once they pull it out rather then have pieces of plastic and small screws going down their throats, just in case they might not pass through.

Cindy Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.


  1. Mummy Janey and Daddy Chris won;t let us have some toys because they say they are a 'choking hazard'. Who tests these toys? Idiots?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    1. Our Mom & Dad thought it was "Doggie Approved" safe as it was sold to our Dad from a well known pet store :(

    2. Lacey our doggie comes running when she hears the peanut butter being opened. She gets a little piece of banana with peanut butter...

  2. Glad you got the screw, that's awful. I hope they pull those toys!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. I love that Aussie annoyed pic... I'll have to use it for a day in the life of a dog!