Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting Puppy Ready

"Lexus almost full-term with her 2013 Litter due the 6th of February and there is still "LOVE IN THE AIR" between the happy couple."

"Their "fearless" leader put new flooring to line the whelping box yesterday."

"Lexus knows the routine overjoyed about her alternative housing arrangements for the next few weeks."

Need to know what size of whelping box is required for the certain breed?  Just take a *click* HERE to  find this out.

We are ALL looking forward to the arrival of PUPPIES !  Really now, who doesn't LOVE puppies, and more really, who doesn't LOVE "Checkerboard Aussie" puppies ????

Cindy, Owner & Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Checkerboard Aussie" 2012 Puppy Testimonials

What a pleasure it is to stay in touch with our "Checkerboard Aussie" offspring's Humans from their Forever Homes.  It is nice to see how our youngsters continue on with life as they grow from the puppy stage into mature beautiful dogs.  It is even nicer is to see how happy the "Checkerboard Aussie" pups have made their new Forever Homes.

"Beautiful Red-Tri, Mama Lexus"

"And handsome Blue Merle, Bandit."

"Produced little Blue Merle boy, Injaca" who is from our "Checkerboard Aussie"  Spectacular Six 2013 Litter.  Injaca's Forever Home sent us along a photo of him and his very best buddy, Archie."

"Injaca is an outstanding looking boy, as all our "Checkerboard Aussie" offspring are."

Injaca's Forever home even sent along a note with his photos to me, as follows:

Dear Cindy, Our Aussie was one of your Spectacular Six of 2012 and we are soooo happy with him. He is a lovely boy - such a beautiful pup and he has grown into a handsome looking adult! When we were thinking of purchasing an Aussie we wanted to make sure that the sire and dam had good temperaments and after meeting both Bandit and Lexus, we knew that their offspring would inherit their beautiful temperaments. Being first time dog owners, we have been totally amazed at his intelligence. People comment all the time on his unique markings and his beautiful blue eye. Thank you Cindy for a being wealth of information, sharing tips and providing us with some really useful advice. You have been very supportive and your professionalism and quick responses to any questions we have has been reassuring and made our dog owning journey a real pleasure.
 K & B

We were also happy to hear from Myle's Forever Home this month.  Myles too is from our "Checkerboard Aussie" Spectacular Six 2012 Litter.

"Yes this is Myles a short few weeks after birth, and then again at his very first visit to the Vets.  Say "aahhhh".  Good boy."

"These are photos his Forever Home sent me from last Fall 2012."

"Really Myles? really you are going to stick your tongue out at me?  And show off how smart you really are by showing off your reading and writing skills?  I am very impressed !"

This was the note attached to the photos of Myles I had received from his Forever Home:

Sorry I have not gotten some pictures to you sooner of Myles. I had a really busy Christmas break and first week back of school. Ive just found some time to send some pictures :) He is such a beautiful and amazing dog! I cant believe how fast he is growing up! I will try and get a couple more updated pics, but here are a few pretty recent ones. Thank you again for such a wonderful friend, I couldn't imagine not having him! 

I could not be more pleased with the Forever Homes Injaca and Myles had been placed in.  They both  make the "Checkerboard Aussies" more then proud.

Cindy, Owner and Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Fun With Buddy

"All is quiet on the front lines ... then the gate is opened and the race it on!  Go Dog Go !"

"Ah, an attention getter he holds out for me .... a few twirls and it should be mine."

"Yesirree Bob, I do so LOVE me some treats ... *smile*."

Buddy of the "Checkerboard Aussies".

Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Chase Or Not To Chase?

To chase or not to chase is the "name of the game" is it not?  oh we are not talking any means about a girlie girl here ... we are talking "BIG GAME" !!!

"Well .... it does look like pretty "Big Game" sitting up there on that post, does it not?"

Bandit of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy, & Missy Mercedes.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The "Spectacular Six" 2012 Litter

"The "Spectacular Six" 2012 "Checkerboard Aussie" Litter"

Read more about our very first visit to the Vet before our Forever Humans took us to our new homes.  Just *click" HERE.

Our "amazing" parents:

"Bandit & Lexus are expecting their new 2013 Litter on or about the 6th of February.  The puppies are as "amazing" as they both are."

The "Spectacular Six" of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy and Missy Mercedes.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter WARNING !

"Beware !!  be Cautious !!! "

Missy Mercedes of The "Checkerboard Aussie", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy & Missy Mercedes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Trip To the City

What do girls LOVE to do? go shopping of course !!!  The "Checkerboard Aussie" girls got to go for a trip into the big twin Cities of Kitchener-Waterloo yesterday.  

Missy Mercedes required a new collar as "somehow" she had devoured hers since she has a passion for clothes, carpeting and all kinds of materials, a particular,colour or textures not exempt (please refer to NOTE at bottom of post).

"The "treat" aisle had been found !  Lexus went from one end to the other smelling each and every bone, finally stopping at one of the smaller ones which she chose for herself.  She very proudly carried it along to the Checkout where another was purchased for Missy Mercedes, who had to stay in the vehicle since only one lead had been taken along this day."

"Contentment for one, with Missy Mercedes "shooting" a look at her loved Human as to say, "why was I left behind and you only throw me a bone?".  Those eyes always pull on this owner's heart strings."

Excellent travellers Checkerboard Aussies make, never turning down a ride in a vehicle or shopping trip, ever !  Missy Mercedes got a beautiful new "pink" Martha Steward collar, and Lexus a lovely brown leather one this shopping day.

Lexus and Missy Mercedes of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy & Missy Mercedes.

NOTE:  To a Pet Owner, should you realize your pet has consumed something other then food take notice very carefully for it to pass, or should he/she show any signs of discomfort if it hasn't passed, please take it to the Vet immediately.  Should you notice anything hanging from your pet's behind, do NOT pull as it could be attached to something inside; wait for it to pass or take to the Vets immediately should it not pass within the day or two, or if there are any signs of immediate discomfort to your pet.  I am not a Vet, just a pet owner, so if there is any question your Pet is in danger, please take to your Vet immediately.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The "PERFECT" Friend

"Checkerboard Aussie" puppies will be arriving on or about the 6th of February 2013.

"One of Bandit and Lexus' "Checkerboard Aussie" pups could be your "Perfect" friend."

"Only a "Checkerboard Aussie" ...... "

~ Lexus November 26, 2012 ~

Bandit & Lexus, The "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy & Missy Mercedes.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Checkerboard Aussie Reindeer 2013

Whoohoo ! it was New Year's Day, our Rob was home and I was thinking we were heading out for a "toot" in the van.  

"Yep all loaded up looking pretty handsome ... what is that in your hand Mom?  Okay whatever you put on my head, I will give Dad a big ole' smile."

"It seems a little blurry at this point for me .... could you please get this off me?"

"Okay whatever, this is as good as it gets so "shoot" away !!!"

Drats ! sucked into being the New Year "Checkerboard Aussie" Reindeer whether I wanted to or not.

Happy New Year, Buddy of the "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy and Missy Mercedes.