Friday, January 6, 2023


 This week "Peanut" has been front stage & center...

Monday afternoon, in all of Tesla's excitement, she was jumping up & down in the whelping pen, landing on sweet wee Peanut, resulting in a badly sprained/bruised leg.

You can't keep an injured puppy in with 9 other rambunctious siblings, so what else would you do? of course keep her with you giving her the 5 Star treatment, right?

Peanut has been a pleasure to have upstairs with us.  The only peeps that come out of her, the past 5 days, is to whimper to go to the bathroom.  She's only had one accident in her "basket", which I am pretty certain I was busy, with Rob sitting right there &, let's give him the benefit of the doubt, didn't hear her. Hopefully, he doesn't know I have restarted the Checkerboard Aussie's Blog, & maybe he won't read this.  Oh oh because if he does I might be in "doggie do do" for pointing a finger at him, and that wouldn't be in my best interest...

Are you ready for the MOST ADORABLE photos coming your way????

Of course, hands down, she had to be beside me in our bedroom, otherwise how would I hear her when she needed me?

Chevy & Stella are totally mesmerized by "Peanut".

Stella even gave me the "can we keep" her look.... just can't do baby girl.

"Peanut" has been eating well, getting enough liquids when I make her mush soupier with some milk supplement, and getting lots & lots of bed rest.  She is a perfect patient.

We have noticed a difference already in her mobility, and her trying to put a wee bit of weight on her leg from time to time.  More 5 Star treatment & bed rest will see "Peanut" as good as new in no time.  This girlie has been a trooper from the first day she was born, I can't see that changing anytime soon.

"Peanut" is soooo irresistible, I can't wait until she finds her perfect Forever & Ever Home.

How could anyone not want this little "Peanut" ???

"Our Days Begin & End with our Checkerboard Aussies" "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Beginning of The Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Shepherd Dogs

 With the arrival of the 10 puppies on December 2nd/2022, my Life has been nothing but "Everything Aussies", as in Australian Shepherd Dog.  Moreso then naught with any new litter.

Tesla & Buddy's Litter of 10, Born December 2nd, 2022

I’ve been breeding Aussies for going on 16 Years now.  We are known as the Checkerboard Aussies.  How did we come to choosing this name? I was talking to my Cousin Brad & his wife, Paula, when I first started breeding Aussies, saying to them, “I have no idea what to call ourselves”  immediately Brad suggested the “Checkerboard Aussies, which truly is very fitting considering we are South of the Checkerboard.

From a young girl, before becoming a teenager, I recall telling a friend I wanted to have lots of property, horses & to breed German Shepherd Dogs  

That dream became reality when I lived in Kitchener ON, breeding German Shepherd Dogs.  After a couple of litters we kept one of the pups, who we had named Boggie.  At 125 lbs., he was truly a gentle giant, loving people, other dogs, cats, & even came nose to nose with a field mouse not even making a move to show it any harm.  We lost our sweet Bog when he was 12 1/2 years old. He had been one of the best dogs in my Lifetime, until I was blessed to have a 2nd best dog. 

When I moved back to Bruce County, as I am a true blue Bruce County Girl born & raised in Southampton, ON, going on 20 Years this Year, we bought our first Australian Shepherd.

My husband, Rob, had no idea what I was talking about when I told him I wanted an Aussie.  Two years prior I had been on the Internet checking out Blue Heelers, and Aussies.  Shortly after moving here to Wiarton we got our first Aussie, Blue, who we tragically lost by someone coming into our driveway one night & hitting him.  We were devastated as he loved me & was very bonded to me.  My friend called me not long after we lost Blue telling me about a litter of Aussies.  This is how we came to have Bandit, my 2nd best dog in my Lifetime.  

Bandit DOB June 2005

Bandit Loved our Grandson, Aiden, who was a Year older then him.  Where Aiden was, Bandit was.  Bandit was an amazing Babysitter/Protector.  The one time we had Aiden for a week, I couldn't find Aiden, I was calling and calling, almost frantic.  At the back of the house coming out from the Hay field was Aiden with Bandit following right behind him.  I never had to worry about Aiden as Bandit never left his side.

Bandit also helped every new puppy we brought into our pack. Our first female, Lexus, not the pup in this photo, used to get into my flowerbeds when I was weeding them.  When I told her "NO flowerbeds, get", Bandit used to go up behind her, drag her by the back of the neck out of the flowerbeds.  This boy was always my right hand Best Friend.  Bandit loved everyone, especially our grandchildren.  He loved the cats, other dogs, and anyone he met on his Life journey.

My Mother lived with us for 5 Years, & she also loved him so very much.  When she moved into the Nursing Home he sometimes got to go along with me to visit her .  Of course, you can tell by the photo, it made her day seeing him too.

Oh yes, Bandit was his dad's boy too.  When Rob was outside, you were sure to also find Bandit right along.  When Rob went to go in the truck, Bandit made sure he was in there right along with him.  Have you ever seen a picture with a dog showing his Master so much affection as this one?

Bandit loved Rob, as you can see him looking up at Rob here with a "big" smile as to say, "Where we going now"?

Bandit's most ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE thing to do was be in a truck.  You open a door to our truck, and he was in there like a shot.  You didn't have to go any where, he would just be happy to sit in there all day long....  

We had brought our sweet Princess Paisley home at about maybe 4-6 weeks old, as she had been a rescue dumped off on a sideroad with her litter mates.  Bandit didn't even blink an eye when she came home with me.  He had the biggest heart for everything & anyone.

This was the first, and as far as I knew, the last time this ever happened.  However, now that I think about it when he was a young pup, maybe around the age of 1, we had been out on the deck. I had to go get something, leaving 1/2 a sandwich on my plate however on returning it was gone, for the life of me I couldn't remember eating it???  Then there was another time, our grandson Aiden, at that time was maybe 3 years old, had been up at the table having cereal, and I had been in the kitchen.  Aiden had gone down the hallway to the bathroom.  I kept hearing this slurping... you guessed it, Bandit was up sitting on the chair enjoying cereal for his breakfast too.  Guess he didn't realize he wasn't to be sharing Aiden's breakfast?  Very very seldom this boy got into trouble with us, as really... look at that face how could anyone get mad at that face ?

This boy could put a *smile* on your face on the worst of days.

When I came home I always had the best greeting in the World I could ever have from this boy.  I went away down to Nova Scotia for 3 days, and Bandit didn't move from the top of the stairs, or hadn't eaten for 2 of the days. He waited laying at the top of those stairs, night & day, the whole time I was gone waiting for me to come home.  Bandit was my boy, through & through.

Bandit had the most beautiful *smiles* in the World, can't you tell?

My & Rob's Bandit Boy.

My Boy, My Bandit 

From the day we brought Bandit home, until he was at least over 3 months old, and quite heavy by that time, I used to carry him outside to do his business, and to play with him, then I would carry him back in the house.  Rob used to say, "how long are you going to be carrying that pup around"... well the answer to that was until I was comfortable I wasn't going to lose him, as I had lost our Blue Boy.  It was hard for me, as after losing Blue, and then getting Bandit a month later, as a friend called me up and said there is a litter of pups available down by Kitchener.  As over protective as I was with Bandit, I had still been grieving for my Blue, as that boy would NEVER ever leave my side.

Bandit new our property line up around the house, never going out to the road except for .... 

Rob had been home fixing something outside, Bandit must have been around a year old at that time, it was Summer.  I had to go into town, telling Rob to keep an eye on Bandit while I was gone.  I headed out onto the highway.  I don't know what made me look in my rear view mirror just before I got to the bend in the highway, but I did and there was Bandit running as fast as he could down the highway behind me.  I pulled over, you have no idea how fast, he came running up to me & into the open door of the car.  This was the only & last time this happened, as going forward he was always with me, and very seldom left by himself in the house.  He was my heart & I his.

I could share many many more photos of Bandit, and many many more wonderful stories about his Life with us, however I am certain it would take pages and pages of this blog post.

Thanksgiving Monday, 2017, we lost our boy, he was 12 1/2.  I think of him often, I look at photos of him & still cry,  I talk about him & I cry. I am writing this post & the tears won't stop. I miss this boy so much.  He was my joy & my comfort many times through all the years he was mine.  Bandit has a piece of my Heart forever.

Bandit August 2017

Bandit was the "Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Dogs.

"Our Days Begin & End with our Checkerboard Aussies" "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Whelping Day Soon

Our beautiful Lexus is a picture of health, and will soon be whelping another amazing litter of Checkerboard Aussie puppies on or about the 23rd of December 2014.

Bandit was giving her a "sniff" this morning to check her out then he got himself a "kiss" back.   Still in puppy love.  I think they have only had one serious fight since we brought Lexus home 6 years ago on the 23rd of December, a date I will not be soon to forget.

Want to stay tuned to the arrival of puppies? or to preview previous litters,  please check out our Facebook page by going HERE

We are presently taking deposits for puppies to pre-approved FOREVER HOMES.  Please contact us through a message on the Checkerboard Aussie Facebook page, or by Email to:

We are located just outside the Town of Wiarton, 2 12 hours from Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo & 3 hours from London.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

We have been finding ourselves as busy as our Aussies are and do apologize for our tardiness of not being able to keep up with our Blog here.

However the good news is we are not only expecting a new litter on or about the week of Christmas 2014, but we are also very good about keeping our Facebook Page Updated.

Please do drop in to see us at The "Checkerboard Aussies" Australian Shepherds Facebook page by *clicking* with your mouse HERE.

When you do drop by make sure to welcome our newest addition to our Checkerboard Aussies ...

.... "Portia", who turned 5 months old today.

Thank you for taking an interested in our amazing Aussies.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Scavenging Aussies

For anyone who owns an Aussie, they must know how much they LOVE food.  What always have baffled me about my Aussies, or any other dog for that matter, is how they can turn up their noses at perfectly good food offering but not even think twice about hitting the garbage .... proof is the interest in the Compost, or any other undesirables that they might scavenge while out for a walk along the streets.

Yes I am certain if our Buddy boy was able to get himself in that compost he would have been chowing down on Watermelon rinds, Banana and Potato Peelings.  Really though, what do we know?  the nutrition is in the skins is it not?

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walking The Dog

We had visitors today.  The last day all the "Extraordinary 8" litter were all together, as Dakota is leaving tomorrow for Thunder Bay, the Black Tri is heading out Thursday morning, with Ruby and Buddy heading out Friday.  The remainder will be leaving Saturday and Sunday.

Rusty came back to visit with his Forever Family, Jenn, Shea-lyn and Papa.  When he had enough Rusty got underneath the chaise lounge chair to hide his head.

Sisters Blu and Ruby cooling off in the Hostas.

Ace decided he was going to take Rusty for a walk.  He was pretty insistent with Rusty finally relenting in the end.

It was great having visitors, as I had lots of help giving the pups their last dose of worm medicine.

The next five days will be busy with the comings and goings of new Forever Homes and their puppies.  Stay tuned for departure updates ....

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Days ! Puppy & Semah Update

It has been a very happy day this Mother's Day at our home.  The very last two pups of the Extraordinary 8 2014 Litter got themselves Forever Homes today !  In four weeks time, one will be going to Thunder Bay, and the other down to Waterdown.  I am very happy for them. & their new Humans.  Very exciting it all is.

The feeding of solid foods could not be going better as anyone can tell from these photos ...

NEWS FLASH !  Semah update.

Semah with his new family members, & Semah after being pampered at the Groomers.

Own Carol and John's hearts have obviously melted and they are both smitten with our Semah, since the "no dog on the couch" rule when right out the door barely in a mere two weeks time.

We are very happy owners with all this goodness of Checkerboard Aussie lovers !

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Shepherd Dogs.