Monday, December 30, 2013

Peanut Butter With My Toast Please ?

Somebody's human dad could not finish their toast and peanut butter this morning, making somebody else pretty happy about that.

Just a little bit sticky to the roof of my mouth maybe, but oh so good !

We were updating our Facebook Page this morning when we had something brought to our attention by one of our Aussie friends, and boy oh boy ain't it the truth ????

I really don't know when people are going to figure it out, do you?

Another "tip" when buying us toys from a Pet Store, as they are not always safe either so keep a close watch at times:

SHOUT OUT ! Rob had bought a Hear Doggy Toy for Bandit. Within an hour of him having it I heard a "clink" on the floor to find the one piece of plastic with a small screw in it. I grabbed it up. We then inspected the toy again before giving it back to him... not long after two more pieces of plastic were gotten from it by him. I have made a call into the Quaker Pet Company, also sending them off an email including photos. Hopefully I will get a response from them. Good thing it wasn't a puppy, or they would have eaten the plastic bits up along with the screw without a thought. So buying authentic "safe" for dogs toys doesn't always mean they are the best either at $12.00 a shot.

I would rather buy our dogs a stuffed animal from a Second Hand Store and take the stuffing from them once they pull it out rather then have pieces of plastic and small screws going down their throats, just in case they might not pass through.

Cindy Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Little Christmas Cheer

Christmas Eve here North of Wiarton was pretty quiet this Year with no human Grandkids to go out in the snow to play with, so my Human Dad, Rob,  decided to have a little fun at my expense.

.... but we got him back & I was the Winner since I got my new Christmas Toy a day early.

Bandit, Top Dog @ The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching Up With Our Checkerboard Aussies

We have all been so rather busy here with pre-Christmas business it is difficult to keep up with everything else at times.  With that said, it is difficult not to want to share what our Checkerboard Aussies have been up to ....

A mere couple of weeks ago before any snow had arrived to our Neck of the Woods there had been some heavy duty shedding of our Lexus going on that needed attending to no matter how busy.  She had been looking rather mangy without a good brushing.

Bandit loves cooker turnip, however does not care for veggies that are uncooked.  Fuss pot he is, much more then the other three.

Last week Lexus got to be co-pilot when I took her along to meet up with Human Dad.  

Lexus "caught" stealing out of Buddy's food bag, giving me the "look" when scolded.  Cheeky girl she was.

Buddy was all happy happy I got warm new Winter Boots as that means longer first thing in the Morning outings for him.

Missy Mercedes loves the snow, but first priority is "where is my food?" with her.

We got to visit briefly with an 11 Year Old Great Dane yesterday, called "Summer".  She is truly a doll and oh so lovable.  For all those out there who love DOGS, and Great Danes, check out this Web Cam where Great Dane Service Doggies are being raised by *clicking* HERE.  Pretty cool, eh?

Truly our Humans have been so busy lately they are all in but for their shirt tails some days, as Bandit also was this day.

That is all she wrote for this "catch up" ....

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Oliver Is HUGE !

Does everyone remember big tubby Oliver of the Everything 8 Litter, belonging to our Missy Mercedes and Buddy boy?

Yes this was him after he had gone to his Forever Home ....

... and this is him now with his Forever Mom, Dad & GrandGirls.

His is bigger then both of  his doggie Mama and Poppa already I am sure and not even near a year old !  Wowsers !! can you believe it, as I barely can.

Here is what his Forever Home's daughter, Jewels, had to say about Oliver when she emailed me the up-to-date photos:

Hi Cindy!  Mom said she wanted me to send you a couple of new pictures.  
Last night they stopped by for a quick tea while they were out on their walk. I thought it would be nice to get a couple pictures of them with Oliver.  
He is a very handsome boy.  He has the manners of a billy goat most of the time but he is improving every day.  

He really loves my girls.  He follows Arizona with a toy in his mouth teasing her to play with him.  And Sonoma will always have clean toes because Oliver is always sneaking it a good few licks when he thinks nobody is watching!  He especially loves when the squirrels are in the back yard, he can run like the wind to chase them!
I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of Oliver at Christmas and I'll send you more.  I'm sure that Santa Paws will spoil him!
Have a good night!

Truly I do not know if other Breeders appreciate hearing about their puppies from their Forever Homes, but I am one Breeder who certainly LOVES when I do.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the "Checkerboard Aussies" Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sisters As They Grow

We were totally amazed, but most pleasantly surprised to have had received photos on the same day from two of our Fabulous Four 2013 Forever Homes.  

It truly makes me feel so good to see how much love and attention they are getting, these Sisters, Sprite, and Bindi.

Here is Sprite "chillaxing" with her Forever Mama, Sara, at the end of what I would think to be a very busy day for both of them. 

Sara's note to me in the email was this :  She is such a sweet girl, so friendly and a hound for attention! Her favorite thing is to sit on my lap when I watch TV or sit in front of the fire. I didn't know that Aussies were lap dogs!
As you can tell, Sprite looks like her real Mama, and .....

.... is obviously taking after her Papa in the Lap Dog department.

This here is Sister, Bindi, who has been reported by Forever Home Owner, Mike, now to be a whooping 50 lbs to date.  She is not only getting to be a big girl, she is also another very beautiful girl.

We could not be more proud or happy for our Checkerboard Aussie Pups and their Forever Homes.

Thank you Sara and Mike for always sharing with us, as truly it means much to us.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies" Australian Shepherds.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raised bowls and bloat: Ratcheting up the controversy on the risk of GDV in dogs

Not too certain where we stand on this one, as our own Dear Bandit eats from raised bowls, which really probably matter to him or us too much, other then they look nice in the kitchen.  However upon reading this article by Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA, it does give some "Food" for thought.

For those who also might be interested in such matters, we though we would share the link to where this article can be found as follows:

As with anything in Life, we can never have too much information, can we, Bandit?

Bandit ????? are you listening?

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the Checkerboard Aussies, Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Household "Tip" From The Checkerboard Aussies

Washing Dishes with Coldwater:

Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?
This is for all the germ conscious folks 
that worry about using cold water to clean. 
John went to visit his 90 year old
grandfather in a very secluded, rural area of Saskatchewan.

After spending a great evening chatting the night 
 the next morning John's grandfather 
 breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. 

However, John noticed a film like substance on his 
 and questioned his grandfather asking, 
'Are these plates clean?' 
His grandfather replied, 
'They're as clean as cold water can get em. 
Just you go ahead and finish your meal,

For lunch the old man made hamburgers. 

Again, John was concerned about the 
 as his appeared to have tiny specks
around the edge that looked like dried egg
and asked, 
'Are you sure these plates are clean?' 
Without looking up the old man said, 
'I told you before, Sonny, those dishes are
as clean as cold water can get them. Now don't 
 fret, I don't want to hear another word about 
Later that afternoon, John was on his way to a 
nearby town and as he was leaving, his grandfather's
dog started to growl, and wouldn't let him pass. 

John yelled and said, 'Grandfather, your dog won't
let me get to my car'. 

Without diverting his attention from the football 
 he was watching on TV, the old man 
'Coldwater, go lay down now, yah hear me!' 

Meet Coldwater !

Bandit is the Checkerboard Aussies "Coldwater" (the dishes DO hit the Hotwater, so no fears if you come for Dinner)

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Day After The Shame

The face that said, "you were the one who left the plant there for me to knock over".  Talk about adding "insult to injury" .... geesh, there was no way this one could be blamed on Bandit.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies", Australian Shepherds.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shame For Shame Bandit

Should anyone know our Bandit Boy, they know he is a pretty awesome Aussie, with rarely ever getting himself in too much trouble after he turned two, or maybe it was three, years old.

I think the last time he was in trouble was this past Summer when our oldest Grandson was visiting, when he left his cereal on the table to go to the bathroom.  I came out of the kitchen to find our wonderful Bandit up at the table just a lapping back that milk as fast as can be.  It was quite the picture, and all I could do not too laugh as I was scolding him.

Yesterday I had to leave, forgetting there had been a container of Roast Beef up on the kitchen counter.  Something I would never normally worry about leaving there ever .... not the case yesterday.

The look tells it all, "Guilty As Charged".  Poor shamed Bandit.

Thee sign came off immediately after the photo had been taken, with things turning back to normal not too long after.

Besides, how could you stay angry for long at a face like that?

Cindy, Owner & Breeder of the Checkerboard Aussies (Australian Shepherds).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

With The First Day Of Fall Arrives ....

... what other then Falling hair.  That would be Aussie Hair by the way.

What a handsome "dude" our Buddy Boy is after getting another dog out from him.  A good start today, with probably a couple more brushings after todays.

Our Buddy Boy came to us a Year ago this past Mother's Day on May 12th 2012.  Buddy turned 2 years old February this Year.  He has a few bad habits that he came with, which we are not giving up on correcting, but then again with a face like this almost anything can be overlooked, can it not?

Yes our Missy Mercedes was next out evaluating the situation, surely to see what trouble she could muster up.  Around to the front door she went coaxing Bandit out to play.  Play they did until the tongues were hanging out on both of them.

Last, but not least, is our Lexus out and about to enjoy the coolness of the first Fall Day.  Where does she end up? where else but in the Veggie Garden helping herself to the Cherry Tomatoes.  What a girl she is !

It has been a good day for our Aussies, who love lots of attention and enjoy life to the fullest, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How Much Does That Doggie Weigh Now???

Yes, I received some new Oliver photos from his Forever Family this Month. 

The update on our Checkerboard Aussies' Everything 8, Oliver from his Forever Humans who called this morning is that Oliver had his last series of shots at the Vets today and weighed in at a whomping 29.1 lbs !!! He is going to be a "big" boy ! 

Now for some big time "cuteness"

My very favourite photo thus far I am sure.  What a good boy to pose as he is, especially in a "Tutu" !!

Looking forward to future updates.  Thanks Judy & Ron.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies" Australian Shepherd Dogs.

Friday, July 12, 2013

An Oliver Update !

Our very first photo shoot of one of the Everything 8 litter has came to us by Oliver's Forever Family.

Oliver is one handsome boy.  I am anxious to follow all his growing stages.

Oliver has his own Grandgirl, Arizona, & his very own personal babysitter, Ellie May, at his new Forever Home with Ron & Judy.

Hopefully we will be hearing more about Oliver again in the very near future.  Thanks Ron & Judy !

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The Checkerboard Aussies.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Everything 8 Puppy Forever Homes !

The morning was full of Checkerboard Aussie puppies again.  The Forever Family who had purchased a puppy prior to the Everything 8 Litter was born were to pick their girl up this morning.  They were right on time at 9 am.

Ray and his daughter were overexcited, naturally, about picking up their Jorga.  I even got a big thank you hug from Ray !  Imagine that ... *smile*.  Ray left with promised of sending us photos and updates about Jorga.

While I was out getting Jorga settled away with her new family there had been a message on my phone that the couple who had came last night to see the puppies wanted to come make their choice this morning.  They arrived just after 10 am.

Jamie & Steve were so excited about their choice of picking out the little red guy.  It was a toss up between the little black runt and red, but red was chosen because is so spunky.  Jamie & Steve left with their new baby boy also promising they would be in touch with future updates about him.

The puppy door was revolving with the next Forever Home Family arriving at 12:30.  This couple had also spoken for their puppy before the litter had been born.

Shona & Jesse, especially Jesse, can not wait to get Trixie out to the Farm for some fun.  Shona & Trixie had their picture taken with Mama Mercedes before going back to Trixies new Forever Home.

One more family will be arriving for their puppy tomorrow after lunch.  Two more puppies available to Forever Homes, then we are puppy done until 2014.

Cindy, Breeder & Owner of The Checkerboard Aussies.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Everything 8 & The Vets

Being a breeder is a real commitment.  This mornings commitment began before 6:00 am with me when I got up to have a coffee before I began taking out our 4 adults for their morning out and about.  The weather was not very kind this morning as there had been torrents of raining coming out of the skies.

The Everything 8 puppies were going for their very first Vet visit at 9 am.  I put them out in the outside kennel run hoping they would do their business before I loaded them up in the Van to head out at 7:30 am.  

Needless to say, despite the puppies having a bath Thursday, they had another bath with the rain and were wet to the skin after only 15 minutes.  I  loaded them up and was drenched myself before my day really got going.  I got myself changed and headed out to pick up my helper on the way.  Of course we first stopped to get ourselves a beverage before heading on down the Highway for an hour drive to our Vets.

The last Everything 8 Group photo.  We arrived at the vets 10 minutes before our appointment.  What a mess those puppies were by the time we had arrived there.  They were not only wet, they had messed themselves from both ends .... we were a pretty sad looking bunch when we walked into the Vets ... or shall I say a very smelly bunch.  Thank goodness I had packed a few towels as well as paper towels.

First up was Jorga, the little red merle female.  She was very good, and much relieved when her turn was over.  Or was that maybe more relaxed once it was over.

Ahhhh ... this is our littlest guy.  He was giving Shea-lyn the `please save me look` .  He was really good though once he was placed in the Vet`s and her helper`s hands.

The red bi, who we we call `Spunky``.  What a spunk this boy is, but a good spunk.

Next was little girl, Trixie.  She is quite the girl, but are not most girls I am thinking.

Not one peep or move out of these guys.  Not even from the one  `Not Called Marvin``.

Our no name Black & White boy absolutely put the flirt on as you can see by these photos.

Last but not least, here is Oliver.  Oliver weighed in at a whopping 9.5 lbs.  He really is a roly poly boy, he is so.

Once we had stopped in Southampton to fill up with gas, I dropped my helper, Shea-lyn off at her home ... and you can see the pup ``not called Marvin` is now her and her family`s new puppy.  He has settled right in ... after another bath of course.
This breeder is one tired girl after this day.  Will be further updating as the Forever Homes start picking up their picks of the Everything 8 Litter.

Cindy, Owner & Breeder of The Checkerboard Aussies.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All About The Stinky Puppies Day

I can not send puppies off to their Forever Homes this upcoming weekend smelling unbearable, so today was a "All About the Stinky Puppies Day".  Puppies have no problem walking through their messes .... phewie !

My new "take to the Vet" puppy helper, Shea-lyn, and her Mother came over to give me a hand with the Everything 8 litter.  Rob had filled up the kiddie pool this morning for the water to warm up in the Sun.  I got a rinse pail all ready on the side lines.

The helpers arrived and we got to it ....

Each puppy was very good and receptive to being in the "pool" with Shea-lyn and myself.  Baby shampoo with a good rub a dub dub.  Then a little bit of towel drying.  Someone was covering himself up without a problem afterwards.

After they got a towel dry they had themselves some Fun in the Sun.  However before the towel dry they had each had a final rinse in the scrub pail.

We will be heading down to the Vets this Friday morning.  Oliver is the largest puppy of the Everything 8 Litter.

This is Oliver.  I will be posting these photos to The "Checkerboard Aussies'" Facebook page asking everyone to make an educated guess on how much they think Oliver will weigh in at this Friday.  Any guesses yourself?  Trust me after holding him a bit he really is quite the bruiser.

I was very thankful for the extra hands as I would never as managed as well by bathing all these little porkers myself.  Help is something I always appreciate.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hot Tamales

Yes today was warm and we had 8 Hot Tamales out for a little front lawn jaunt ....

I have been so busy the past couple of weeks with family visiting from Out of Province, it has been hard to get photos organized and posted every day with that and everything else Spring/Summer brings along that needs done with it.  

Hopefully this video has captured lots of fun viewing for the 5 Forever Homes prior to this upcoming Friday. Remember the 2 Black & White & 1 Red & White males are all seeking their own Forever homes yet ... personalities and temperaments are outstanding with each and every one of these puppies.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not A Music Buff

Our Checkerboard Aussie pup, Semah, seemingly is not going to be a music buff by any means.  See so for yourself.

Honestly I do not think our pack here at home would be Music Buffs either if they had to listen to a "recorder" either.  Thanks Linda, Mike and MacKenzie for the Video.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".

Monday, June 3, 2013

First Dinner Video

When the Everything 8 had their very first solid meal, I had to switch from photo mode to video mode, and try to keep myself from laughing out loud while recording.  You can see why yourself ....

That little one was hilarious.  Never mind it being the first meal, as by the noises being made it sounded like the "last" meal.  Did you have a "chuckle" yourself?

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Everything 8's First Meal

Today was the day when the Everything 8 were going to experience their very first solids.

These eight didn't even need to have their noses stuck in to encourage them ... all eight were Eating Machine Pros !

This is when we really start using up the newspapers.  Thank goodness we have an outside burn barrel.

We also received a new Bindi photo yesterday ....

Is Bindi not a beautiful girl? of course she is, she is a "Checkerboard Aussie".

Stay tune tomorrow as there will be a video posted then.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".