Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Soon To Be Parents

"Our poor Mercedes girl is almost as wide as she is long.  She is pretty much is giving me the "could a girl get a bit of privacy around here?" look."

"Daddy to be, Buddy is looking pretty layed back with his legs stretched into the "froggie" position .. he isn't looking too concerned about anything, is he?"

Believe, you and me, once those puppies arrived the WHOLE World will almost know about it ... stay tuned.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of the Checkerboard Aussies.


  1. sooner the better I am getting impatient!!

  2. LOL, you have an expecting couple at your place, and we have one in our family too (1st grandbaby due in 6 days). :)

    It's exciting, isn't it?? :)