Sunday, May 5, 2013

When to Tie Your Pooch

I recently had a telephone conversation with a prospective puppy buyer.  We were speaking back and forth about different puppy/dog scenarios.  I had mentioned about tying up a dog outside.  She had quite the "outburst" about this topic.

I quietly asked her if she would let me speak and explain.  Some people tend to jump all over the other without really listening to what that person has to say.  To be quite honest I have probably at some point in my life done the same the odd time, however with maturity I hope I have gotten better in this respect.

I am of the opinion that we should all try to subject our pets to as many situations as possible, as one never knows when they might be in an unexpected situation at any time throughout our, or our pets lives.

For example, my dogs have all been tied at one time or another for short periods of time.  I am very happy I started teaching them to be tied at a very early stage in their lives as there are times I have had to tie them at and away from home.

1)  When we went visiting to another's place where our dog was not allowed into their home, but it was no problem to tie outside in a shady spot while we had our visit;

2)  When we have gone camping (this is another great time when crate training has proven useful;  Really could anyone tell me what Campground is going to allow everyone's dog to run around at large?;

3)  When I have been outdoors gardening or otherwise occupied, however I want my dog(s) to be out enjoying the weather too, but can not keep a close watch on them for every minute (and we do know people it only takes a split second for a unseen disaster to occur when a cat or squirrel runs across a yard).

"Today I was out cutting the lawn.  I wanted Lexus to stay out this morning after we had ourselves a bit of time together, so she could continue to enjoy the day while I cut the lawn.  See how close the main Highway is to our house.  She could watch me and I could see her under the Maple tree while tied, as I cut the lawn.  She was barely tied out for 1/2 hour."

How can tying a dog be cruel when a person is looking after its safety?  When is it cruel to tie a dog out?  when it is tied day in and day out with absolutely no attention warranted to it in the way of socialization or human contact other then some food and water thrown its way from time to time.  What is the point of having  an animal as a companion if the person has no use for its companionship, hunting talents, or otherwise?

Hunters take great pride in their dogs, as did my father and grandfather.  Our beagle was tied at the back of the house with his dog house.  These were the days before all the fancy outdoor runs were affordable or common.  Our Tuckey was socialized every day with a fuss made over him when my dad fed him each day, or by one of us kids.  Every Saturday he jumped in the trunk of my dad's car, as they headed out to collect my Grandpa and his beagle, Scotty, then onto the bush Jack Rabbit hunting they went.  Those hunting dogs were their pride and joy.  I can still remember them bragging about what great hunting dogs those dogs had been.

These are my opinions.  While I expect others to take what they want and leave the rest, as I do myself in  respecting others opinions in return.

When tying a dog out for its safety, ensure the collar is secure that it can not slip it back from its head, and the clasp is secured to the collar.  You do not want to walk away and come back later to find your dog has gotten away and wandered off somewhere to where it could be hurt.   Always keep a check on the strength and conditions of your collars and leashes in case they require replacement from time to time.

NOTE:  Should someone ever be in a situation where their dog had to be tied, and the pooch had never been tied before it might be a very unpleasant situation in a strange place for a dog to know what was happening to him/her.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of  The "Checkerboard Aussies".


  1. Dogs are like small children,likely to get excited and not see the dangers of running after a toy etc. You'd ensure the safety of a small child so why not a dog?
    Jane x

  2. This is a very nicely written post! I enjoyed reading this very much.

  3. I agree with your opinions on this one. There are times it's certainly needed.