Friday, January 6, 2023


 This week "Peanut" has been front stage & center...

Monday afternoon, in all of Tesla's excitement, she was jumping up & down in the whelping pen, landing on sweet wee Peanut, resulting in a badly sprained/bruised leg.

You can't keep an injured puppy in with 9 other rambunctious siblings, so what else would you do? of course keep her with you giving her the 5 Star treatment, right?

Peanut has been a pleasure to have upstairs with us.  The only peeps that come out of her, the past 5 days, is to whimper to go to the bathroom.  She's only had one accident in her "basket", which I am pretty certain I was busy, with Rob sitting right there &, let's give him the benefit of the doubt, didn't hear her. Hopefully, he doesn't know I have restarted the Checkerboard Aussie's Blog, & maybe he won't read this.  Oh oh because if he does I might be in "doggie do do" for pointing a finger at him, and that wouldn't be in my best interest...

Are you ready for the MOST ADORABLE photos coming your way????

Of course, hands down, she had to be beside me in our bedroom, otherwise how would I hear her when she needed me?

Chevy & Stella are totally mesmerized by "Peanut".

Stella even gave me the "can we keep" her look.... just can't do baby girl.

"Peanut" has been eating well, getting enough liquids when I make her mush soupier with some milk supplement, and getting lots & lots of bed rest.  She is a perfect patient.

We have noticed a difference already in her mobility, and her trying to put a wee bit of weight on her leg from time to time.  More 5 Star treatment & bed rest will see "Peanut" as good as new in no time.  This girlie has been a trooper from the first day she was born, I can't see that changing anytime soon.

"Peanut" is soooo irresistible, I can't wait until she finds her perfect Forever & Ever Home.

How could anyone not want this little "Peanut" ???

"Our Days Begin & End with our Checkerboard Aussies" "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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