Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Day Of Winter Celebration

"The First Day of Winter arrived in full Swing with unsettled Weather and Snow here "Just North of Wiarton.  Thursday Bandit rolling around in the green going into the very next Friday morn with heavy wet snow."

"Should anyone own a Checkerboard Aussie, they would surely know how much they LOVE the Snow ... right down to the last Snowflake."

"This 1st Day of Winter was being celebrated with an Annual Christmas Photo Shoot.  What a perfect background the Snow provided."

"Yes it was time to do our Annual Season's Greeting photos.  Bandit his usual, "knock it off with the camera will ya" look along with a huge grin."

"Out into the wood shed Lexus went to help her Human Mom to collect a bucket of wood.   There are squirrels in here somewhere I just know it !"

"Time to pose "pretty", but really I am sure there are squirrels over there somewhere."

"Blowing a bit of "steam" off before my photo shoot.  No no no ... okay take it quick cause I am a busy girl you know."

"Merry Christmas & All the Best in the 2013 New Year from The "Checkerboard Aussies".

"We didn't forget Buddy !  His Christmas Photo Shoot is scheduled for Sunday when his Human Rob is home with Cindy.  What a handsome boy he is, yes?"

Knowing how everyone can get a lot little overwhelmed prior to and over the Holidays, we thought everyone could use a little doggie advice ....

Season's Greetings from The "Checkerboard Aussies", Bandit, Lexus, Buddy & Missy Mercedes.

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