Monday, April 15, 2013

Another "Checkerboard Aussie" Testimonial

For those who had been following Lexus and Bandit's last litter, the Fabulous Four, I am certain you will all remember the little Red Merle Female, Lunette.  We have heard from her Forever home today.

"These photos of Lunette most certainly confirm the story her Forever Home owner, Jamilyn, has to say about her."

Here is what Jamilyn had written to The "Checkerboard Aussies'" Facebook page today:

For years I have always wanted an Australian shepherd, I've always loved the look of them and their fluffy fur and for about 5 months I was searching the Internet to finally have my "dream puppy". The day I finally gave up and said " you know what? If it's suppose to happen it'll happen and it'll come to me" was also the day Cindy posted an add on the Saugeen Super Swap page and I knew it was meant to happen.

My fiance and I were given the opportunity to take one of Cindy's "Checkerboard Aussie" into our home a week ago. I cannot express just how happy our lives feel now with our little Lunette running around. My favorite part of this whole experience was the fact that I got to see daily pictures of her from the time she was born to the time I came to take her home, it really was great having this page to look at everyday and see how she was growing. I also really loved that after I chose a name, Cindy made sure she was calling the puppy by her name, it really showed me that Cindy herself respected what I wanted for Lunette as she grew. The knowledge Cindy has brought me has also been really great and all the information she gave me on both her Lexus and Bandit was great as well. Seeing how beautiful Lexus is and how sweet Bandit is made me confident in the Checkerboard Aussies for my puppy. 

Lunette herself is quite a wild one, and a "clown" as I like to call her " Lunette the Clown" from a popular kids TV show in the 90's. Her favorite thing to do is chase her toy fox around and play in the water. She makes me laugh all the time at how goofy she is but she is also so smart. Within 3 days of having her she learned the command 'sit' and is now learning 'stay'. Her excited little whimper and happy face in the morning when I wake up puts me in a better mood right away and both Matt and I are proud and so happy to have a "Checkerboard Aussie" in our life.

Thanks Jamilyn, I am very pleased with how Lunette is adapting to her new life with you.  It is always nice to see new photos of their growth and to hear about their antics as they go through the days of their lives.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".