Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All About The Stinky Puppies Day

I can not send puppies off to their Forever Homes this upcoming weekend smelling unbearable, so today was a "All About the Stinky Puppies Day".  Puppies have no problem walking through their messes .... phewie !

My new "take to the Vet" puppy helper, Shea-lyn, and her Mother came over to give me a hand with the Everything 8 litter.  Rob had filled up the kiddie pool this morning for the water to warm up in the Sun.  I got a rinse pail all ready on the side lines.

The helpers arrived and we got to it ....

Each puppy was very good and receptive to being in the "pool" with Shea-lyn and myself.  Baby shampoo with a good rub a dub dub.  Then a little bit of towel drying.  Someone was covering himself up without a problem afterwards.

After they got a towel dry they had themselves some Fun in the Sun.  However before the towel dry they had each had a final rinse in the scrub pail.

We will be heading down to the Vets this Friday morning.  Oliver is the largest puppy of the Everything 8 Litter.

This is Oliver.  I will be posting these photos to The "Checkerboard Aussies'" Facebook page asking everyone to make an educated guess on how much they think Oliver will weigh in at this Friday.  Any guesses yourself?  Trust me after holding him a bit he really is quite the bruiser.

I was very thankful for the extra hands as I would never as managed as well by bathing all these little porkers myself.  Help is something I always appreciate.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".


  1. how much should a regular puppy weigh?


  2. Oh my gosh, they're getting big now. And they're cute. :)

  3. I would have to call that The Towel of Torment, of course...