Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Everything 8 Puppy Forever Homes !

The morning was full of Checkerboard Aussie puppies again.  The Forever Family who had purchased a puppy prior to the Everything 8 Litter was born were to pick their girl up this morning.  They were right on time at 9 am.

Ray and his daughter were overexcited, naturally, about picking up their Jorga.  I even got a big thank you hug from Ray !  Imagine that ... *smile*.  Ray left with promised of sending us photos and updates about Jorga.

While I was out getting Jorga settled away with her new family there had been a message on my phone that the couple who had came last night to see the puppies wanted to come make their choice this morning.  They arrived just after 10 am.

Jamie & Steve were so excited about their choice of picking out the little red guy.  It was a toss up between the little black runt and red, but red was chosen because is so spunky.  Jamie & Steve left with their new baby boy also promising they would be in touch with future updates about him.

The puppy door was revolving with the next Forever Home Family arriving at 12:30.  This couple had also spoken for their puppy before the litter had been born.

Shona & Jesse, especially Jesse, can not wait to get Trixie out to the Farm for some fun.  Shona & Trixie had their picture taken with Mama Mercedes before going back to Trixies new Forever Home.

One more family will be arriving for their puppy tomorrow after lunch.  Two more puppies available to Forever Homes, then we are puppy done until 2014.

Cindy, Breeder & Owner of The Checkerboard Aussies.


  1. I imagine now that there are fewer of them, it's going to be a lot more quiet!

    Have a great Canada Day!

  2. So big now, and so darn cute!! Does mama miss them for a bit when they're gone? My son and I love to visit and see the pups, we're going to miss them. :)