Monday, November 11, 2013

Sisters As They Grow

We were totally amazed, but most pleasantly surprised to have had received photos on the same day from two of our Fabulous Four 2013 Forever Homes.  

It truly makes me feel so good to see how much love and attention they are getting, these Sisters, Sprite, and Bindi.

Here is Sprite "chillaxing" with her Forever Mama, Sara, at the end of what I would think to be a very busy day for both of them. 

Sara's note to me in the email was this :  She is such a sweet girl, so friendly and a hound for attention! Her favorite thing is to sit on my lap when I watch TV or sit in front of the fire. I didn't know that Aussies were lap dogs!
As you can tell, Sprite looks like her real Mama, and .....

.... is obviously taking after her Papa in the Lap Dog department.

This here is Sister, Bindi, who has been reported by Forever Home Owner, Mike, now to be a whooping 50 lbs to date.  She is not only getting to be a big girl, she is also another very beautiful girl.

We could not be more proud or happy for our Checkerboard Aussie Pups and their Forever Homes.

Thank you Sara and Mike for always sharing with us, as truly it means much to us.

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies" Australian Shepherds.


  1. Sprite and Bindi look like they're doing well!

  2. I like that the owners keep in touch, that's really cool actually.