Friday, March 15, 2013

Behind The Cuteness

"This is how I am greeted each morning, with an abundance of cuteness.  All of the Fabulous Four were fed their breakfast then scooped into a crate where Bindi proceeded to stick her tongue out at me.  There is no respect around here for me whatsover from these kids."

"While the Four were under lock and key, I got going on cleaning up the mess to the left and making it somewhat more desirable with fresh newspapers on the right.  The mess gets much more messier then this some days, with today being a mild "mess" by far."

"Back in the pen they go with Semah peeing upon entry.  Typical male, right?"

"Mama Lexus goes in to do her duty, and the whole cycle goes as such about 4 times per day."

Behind the cuteness I can guarantee there is always a mess to be cleaned up.  I can't believe in two weeks from today they will all be in their Forever Homes, can you???  each with their own little fur ball of cuteness, and mess ... ha !

Cindy, "Checkerboard Aussies" Owner & Breeder.

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