Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lunette's Forever Human & MORE Cuteness

Today was the day Lunette got to meet her New Forever Home Human, Jamilyn !!!  There was all kinds of excitement and running around this afternoon ....

"Ahh... Lunette is such a little Diva, and absolutely loves being cuddled.  Jamilyn loved giving her cuddles back as you can see.  Everyone else had cuddles too thanks to Jamilyn and Matt.  Matt even had his shoe laces broke in with a bit of chewing."

Day 52 in the lives of the Fabulous Four.  Day 52 was their very first time out in the big outside World.  It was really scary for everyone.  

"It took a bit of time before everyone was brave enough to come out of the corner to have some Dinner.  The known "instigator" Bindi, surprised me to no end that she stayed back, being the last to be brave enough to venture out.  Will wonders never cease?"

"Cuteness to melt the hardest of Hearts .... don't you think too?"

It was quite the adventure in the little lives of the Fabulous Four this day.  The adventure will be continuing each and every day ....

Cindy, Breeder/Owner of The "Checkerboard Aussies" Fabulous Four 2013.

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