Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Checkerboard Aussies" 2013 Testimonial

I can not be, once again, more flattered then to hear back, especially so soon via email, from a "Checkerboard Aussies" puppy owner with what they think of us.  I might add it was also nice to receive a couple "when they made it first home" photos at the same time.

Here is what Sara Albernia, Forever Home to our Fabulous Four 2013 "Sprite" had to say about us:

I purchased a puppy from Checkerboard Aussies "Fabulous Four" 2013 litter.  I had been looking for an Aussie puppy for many months and was feeling a bit frustrated with my ongoing puppy search as some of the breeders I had been talking to were less than pleasant to deal with.  When I contacted Cindy, her love for the dogs and knowledge about the breed were obvious. She was very honest and upfront to deal with and welcomed my husband and I to her home to meet the puppies parents, Lexus and Bandit.   I was immediately impressed by Lexus and Bandit's good looks and friendly temperaments.  Throughout the next seven weeks while I waited for my puppy to ready to come home, Cindy posted new pictures and news of the puppies almost daily on Facebook and on her blog.  I really appreciated this as it made me feel like I was watching my puppy grow up.  I am thrilled with my puppy Sprite and would definitely recommend Checkerboard Aussies to anyone looking for a fantastic Australian Shepherd. 
Sara Alberni

"How lovely are these first "Sprite" photos we have received at her new Forever Home with Sara, Garret and Cola.  Thank you Sara !"

We are tickled every colour of an "Aussie" to hear back from each and every Forever Home our "Checkerboard Aussie" pups have chosen, looking forward to each and everyone's progress (even some of the "bad" stuff so we can recall when we through those same issues with our Gang).

Cindy, Owner/Breeder of The "Checkerboard Aussies".

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