Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fab4 Trip to the Vet & Forever Homes !

"This morning I went down to our basement to see this sight for the very last time.  The Fabulous Four were then all loaded up in the back of the Van for their very last "group" photo before heading down the road for their very first visit with a Vet."

Once we arrived down the road to our Vets, the Mildmay Veterinary Clinicwe got there we seen our Vet from last year's "Spectacular Six" litter, Jean Marie.

"Jean Marie wasn't going to be our Vet today as she was headed into surgery, however she went right out with Rob to help bring the crew in.  We do LOVE our Vet Clinic.  Ha ! it is worth the drive to Mildmay !"

Today our Vet was Kevin, who is at the Clinic under a 2 year contract.  Kevin hails from Ottawa, and is originally a native of Southern Russia.  We really really all liked Kevin.

"First up on the table was our shy and bashful "Sprite" who has flowered and is now very "outgoing".  See how she was paying attention to Kevin's every move, as well as looking perfectly posed for the camera?  The other three were very quiet as we were thinking maybe not so brave as their sister."

"Yes, Semah was next up to be examined by the ever gentle Kevin.  He weighed in at 5.1 kg.  See the paws on this boy????  Okay being the only boy, I am sorry to say he was the only one of the bunch who let out a yelp.  Ha ! Kevin laughed saying it is the boys who do so every time.  Does that surprise us girls???"

"Next was our little Lunette, who weighed in the smallest at 4.6 kg.  She is such a little "frenchie" girl is she not? or so Kevin thought."

"And then there was our Bindi girl with a "look" on her face as to say, "and what are you looking at?".  Open wide Bindi, as the shot in the backside is coming up next."

We got home in good time before the Lunch Hour.  I cannot begin to say how pleased I was with the Fabulous Four's behaviour on the trip there and back, as well as at the Vets.  They were well mannered, quiet and subdued.  Was this maybe because I never gave them any breakfast this morning so there might not be any unwanted "accidents" on the way there? or maybe because it has been such a cold Spring they had only been out in the World once before today?  Regardless they were all "perfect" little angels.

True to his word, Forever Home owner, Mike, arrived all the way from Windsor before the estimated time of 2:00 pm.  They had the perfect day for travelling.  Mike brought along his daughter, Madison, and friend, David.  David took lots and lots of photos and will be sending some along to me at some point.

"Bindi had a woeful look on her face as much to say, "are they ever coming for me?".  There was two very very happy smiles and one happy Bindi that left our house this day."

I had wonderful "text" reports all the way on Bindi's trip home.  At 6:34 pm I received the following two photos.

"Bindi is now at her Forever Home with obviously not only one chewy but two favourite ones already.  I am sure there will be many many more favourite chewies in Bindi's life from this day forward.  Oh yes and the report on the way home was there was not even "one" accident.  Hooray Bindi."

For some reason I suspect there will be a day coming up in the very near future, I will be hearing about a few "accidents" and "mishaps".

Later this afternoon, Semah's New Forever Home, Linda, Mike, McKenzie and Liam came to retrieve him as well.  I took a couple of fantastic photos to find out I had not put the memory card back into my camera! Dang, dang, triple dang it all.  

I sent off Semah's Family a text asking if they could please send us some photos of them all soon.  They have told me they would.  Stay tuned as there will be photos of Semah and his new Forever Home family forthcoming.

Lunette's new Forever Home Humans will be arriving to collect her tomorrow morning, and Lunette's in 2 weeks time. 

Cindy, Owner/Breeder, of The "Checkerboard Aussies.


  1. Oh Cindy, I would cry rivers when I had to let the babies go.
    Jane x

    1. But Jane, I am so happy they have wonderful Forever Homes, and they will all be keeping in contact with us ! x