Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fabulous Four: Day 38

"This is the sight I seen first thing this morning walking into the basement.  Yes Bindi has persuaded her sister, Lunette, to come over the wall, leaving their sister, Sprite, and brother, Semah, behind while they have Mama Lexus all to themselves.  Greedy Gretchens those girls are with Bindi being the "Ring Leader" of the bunch."

"After I have given them their breakfast mush, they get a drink from Mama Lexus next.  Then there is puzzling little faces wondering "where did she go"?  Ha Lexus still is getting a wee little relief behind the wall of the whelping pen."

By next week Lexus will be moved back into her regular kennel, only going in with her pups a couple of times throughout the day.  The pups will also be getting their food a little harder then the "mush" they are getting now, in ready for them going to their Forever Homes in 2 weeks time.  This Friday there will be another administration of worming medications ... stay tuned on how that goes.

Cindy, The "Checkerboard Aussies", Owner & Breeder.

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