Monday, March 11, 2013

Bindi's Excited New Forever Home

"Should anyone be following along with the Fabulous Four 2013 "Checkerboard Aussie" litter, they in fact would know Bindi is the Blue Merle Female with one blue eye, or also known as the one out of four who is the heavy weight of the bunch."

I have been in contact with Bindi's New Forever Home, which consists of Mike, his daughter and son of Windsor, Ontario.  Just today Mike had contacted me expressing, again, how excited he and his children are with the thoughts of coming to pick up Bindi in three weeks time.  So excited they have everyone of her photos downloaded to their computers with a favourite as their screen saver.  

I could not be more pleased to hear all this.  I find myself getting caught up in the the excitement when I am hearing from each of the new Forever Homes that the Fabulous Four are going to.

I had asked Mike today why had made him contact me about one of our "Checkerboard Aussie" pups.  This was his answer:  

"Lexus is gorgeous, and to be quite honest everything around Toronto was much too expensive.  I am so glad I chose a Checkerboard Aussie though, as it is like I am right there watching them grow up!"

Thanks Mike.  I have to agree Lexus is totally gorgeous.  I am also very proud of my dogs, so it is never a problem to take photos of them to post here or to their Facebook Page HERE.  Not a fan on their Facebook Page? we really would LOVE if YOU "LIKED" their page.

I had also asked Mike why he chose an Australian Shepherd to have as their pet.  This was his answer to this question:

"As for choosing an Aussie, I saw one when I was 10 and thought it was the coolest looking dog ever ... I  have wanted one for 32 years."

Oops .. sorry Mike, I think I have maybe given away your age.  No worries as it is usually us woman who are age sensitive, is it not?  *Smile*

Mike was also kind enough to send us me some photos of himself and his family, so we could see for ourselves what a wonderful looking family our Fabulous Four, "Bindi" is going to.

"Wow look at those smiling faces !  I am certain Bindi is going to LOVE her Forever Home with Mike and his children.  Oh and the Red Tri Border Collie you see in the photos?  that would be Oliver.  Mike babysits Oliver on a regular basis, and will be one of Bindi's new friends."

Thanks Mike for sharing with us here today.  I am not only looking forward to meeting you in person, I am also going to be looking forward to all the Bindi updates you will be giving us on her progress once she is back home with you in her New Home.

Cindy, The "Checkerboard Aussies" Owner/Breeder & Forever Human.


  1. Lovely Aussies ... oh I love it when the families are so excited and prepared for their pup! We have a litter of baby boxers right now (pictured in my sidebar on homepage ) I know I pick great homes for them but I still cry EACH time one leaves. I am a big ole softy I guess.

  2. Don't know Mike but from the same city, Yay, Windsor getting a Checkerboard Aussie :) We do not see many around these parts. Glad to see she is going to a great home!